Shanghai, China

Focus on soil remediation for sewage treatment

☑More than 15,0 excellent employees ☑More than 1400 complete sets of equipment ☑More than 1000 successful cases of sewage treatment and environmental treatment

About Jiefusen

Jiefusen, an environmental company in London, which was founded in 1971 by Jief Usen. We have focused in water solutions for more than 50 years, now Jiefusen becomes a global environmental investment group and our goal is “Clean Water,Green Home”.

Jiefusen brand was established in 1978, the brand originate from three originators’ name(Jief, Wanld, Clains), Jiefusen also means “Justice”,”Worth” and “Cooperation”.

In 1995,Jiefusen group has acquired EPSILON, a US brand, which is good at Jiefusen”s shortage, and Jiefusen had chance to enter US market.

From 2015 we pay more attention to Chinese market, and established a branch office in Shanghai.With the growth of market, we changed our strategy.

From 2017 we established Epsilon (Changzhou), Jiefusen(Changzhou),Jiefusen(Shanghai), and we had built a factory in Changzhou. That means we’ll enhance Chinese Market continuously.

Today, Jiefusen has several mechanical grinders, integrated pump station, rain & sewage divider, integrated pump-gate etc, and Jiefusen has established our big data and intelligent controlling system, every Jiefusen’s product can be connected in a system. With the system, intelligent and unattended operation come true.

Nowadays environmental problems become a pressing issue, this career needs more environmental professionals. Jiefusen has established a stage, now we need more dancers and we welcome everyone, who has skills and strong will in dealing environmental problems.

Thank you for paying attention for us, and best wish to you.

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