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Located in Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, the factory covers an area of 35 Mu and the assembly workshop covers an area of 12,000 square meters. China's factories have independent design, development and testing of pumping stations, robotic welding processing, independent research and development of electrical control systems and manufacturing capabilities of complete product solutions.

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  • Joining conditions of Jiefusen:

    1. Companies or individuals with terminal expansion, promotion and operation capabilities;
    2. Have the passion of pioneering and innovative, the belief of winning and the strong enterprise spirit;
    3. Be able to correctly view risks, have strong ability of social activities, and have good and standardized management ideas and experience;
    4. Identify the company's business philosophy and marketing strategy;
    5. Strong brand awareness and long-term development vision;
    6. Willing to accept the company's price system, after-sales service standards, channels and regional protection and other market policies.

  • Jiefusen's advantage in joining:

    1. Product advantages Senior product research and development experts, adhering to the "exploitation, innovation, and pragmatic" attitude, to lead the competition by product quality differentiation.
    2. Training advantage The company will conduct training on products and related professional knowledge and sales for franchisees, and build excellent teams for franchisees. 
    3. Service advantage Improve your all-round after-sales service and avoid your worries.
    4. Investment advantage Epsilon joins the market with small competition and high profit from joining. After joining, you can also get all kinds of support provided by the headquarters, so that your investment is guaranteed and the income is full.

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